[Anst-dancers] Children in dance practice

Keith McClune swashbuckler at caerthe.org
Mon Sep 15 09:17:33 PDT 2003

Hi there:

> ... If you've had children in your guild, what worked, what didn't?

We've had children attend practice with occasional participation.  These were
not "guild members," however, just "also came along."  In these cases, the
children were not particularly interested in dance, so not getting in the way
was the biggest issue (doing homework or playing quietly on the side).

For actual, regular participants, attention span would be my biggest concern.  I
think by 8 years of age, most normal kids are sufficiently coordinated and
rhythmically aware to dance, and they are capable of remembering long sequences
- if they care to.

We had one young lady participate in a day long Caroso Workshop last year.  She
did very well, and I was glad she wanted to come.  I've also had kids, however,
who lost interest after about two minutes and started horsing around with any
other kid in the group.  This is disruptive and cannot be allowed.

So I'd say that, for kids (or adults), the principal requirement is that you
participate with due attention, and at least stay out of the way if you wish to
step out for a short time.

Keith / Guillaume   S:}>
Caerthe / Outlands

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