[Anst-dancers] Re: Children in dance practice

John Hirling skypilot at ev1.net
Mon Sep 15 12:41:58 PDT 2003

I'd be reluctant to set *any* age limit on who can participate in a
non-combat SCA activity -- or to exclude anyone simply because they can't do
it as well as some others.  That's rather like saying -- go elsewhere to
learn and then come back here so I don't have to teach you.  The far tougher
challenge for me is patience with those who simply-can't-get-it -- 
especially where 'it' is basic.  (given that it took me about 5 practices to
'get' John Tallows, I really ought to have more patience :) )
I've had the opportunity to dance with children who picked up things faster,
kept time better, had a more accurate recollection of steps and were more
serious about learning than many of the adults with whom I've worked.  As
long as parents aren't simply dropping their kids off for cheap baby
sitting, and are willing to (gasp) actually be parents, I say bring on the
kids.  One limitation:  their parents need to be part of the activity -- if
only as observers -- since they should be responsible for any discipline
And remember -- children are just little adults . . . but with better

> >My barony's minister of children recently asked me what requirements are
> >there for the children to participate in dance guild.

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