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Many dancers will be at Namron Protectorate and I have a Women's Conference
to attend, but if you could be more specific about times, we might be able
to pull enough dancers together to put on a performance and do some group
participation dances.

Any dancers who have some time that weekend, please let me know if you'd be
interested in helping out - we could use some new SCA dancers in the area.

In service,

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   On October 11th and 12th, the SCA is a featured demonstration group at
the Celtic Heritage Festival at the Bedford Boys Ranch in Bedford, TEX.  You
have an opportunity to show off your skills and attract new members and new
dancers, as well as have lots of fun.  Please go to
www.celticheritagefestival.org and look at the promotion we are getting, and
the schedule of entertainers.  We have a prime spot under big trees for
shade, near the food courts and the privies!!!
   For a few hours of showing off, you then will be able to enjoy the rest
of the Festival, and enjoy you will!!!  For more information, scheduling, or
anything else, please contact me by e-mail, or at 972-235-4824 or
972-489-8086.  Thank you, Bre'nainn Mac Giolla Pha'draig, Event Coordinator

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