[Anst-dancers] Dance Manual - You can help!

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 4 22:20:12 PDT 2003

If everyone will give me a few days, I'll give you guys a list on what 
has recently been submitted. It looks like everyone got motivated at 
the same time. I'm not complaining!

Here are a few brief comments:

>> Belfiore
> Oh, come on please. Unless Erika submits her version, I say trash this
> dance.
> **All the more reason to discuss WHY it should or shouldn't be 
> included and
> to see if there are regional variations of said dance.

Belfiore has two main problems:

There are no good recordings (if someone has one, please let me know - 
midi files are not acceptable)

The reconstructions I have seen don't really work. It's not that they 
are wrong, they just don't dance well.

However, since some people dance it, I'm willing to put it in the 
manual. I've just temporarily taken it off until we find a recording 
for it.

I pondered adding my reconstruction of it into the manual. I found that 
the existing reconstructions see the dance as being an apple. I thought 
the dance was a bit of an orange. Even so, after I reconstructed it, I 
still don't enjoy it very much, and so probably won't be teaching my 
version - so I guess that makes it a moot point.

> Prexonera

> Spero

I'll need the version MOST commonly done in Ansteorra. I would also be 
willing to reconstruct these dances, since it looks like you all enjoy 

> What happened to Il Gratioso?

It is ready to be put in the manual - but I haven't had time yet. It's 
a pretty neat dance.

Let me end by thanking Philip, Capricia, Lowrie, and Morgan for their 
contributions to the dance manual.

In a few days, I'll begin posting a few dances every few days so that 
people can look them over for ambiguities, and add any variations they 
might do.

Till I have more free time,


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