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Fri Sep 12 13:44:31 PDT 2003

Will we still be doing dancing on Monday?

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Hello all!

Thanks to Estrill, Philip, Capricia, and Morgan for there recent 
additions to the dance manual.

Guillaume and I will be on vacation for the next two weeks. When we 
return, we will finish adding everyone's additions to the dance manual, 
and answer many of your questions regarding your submissions.

As for a meeting at the Fall Arts Symposium, I would request that it be 
some other time. Guillaume and I will not be making it to that event, 
nor will Morgan and Ariane, or Helene.

Thusly, the five dancers that were not at the last meeting (the one 
where we elected our new proctor) would also be excluded from this one.

Might we have it at Namron Protectorate?

HL Isabeau

PS - Due to the timing of our vacation, we will not be able to make it 
to German Fest. We encourage all dancers to make an effort to get to 
this event, since there will be dancing.

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