[Anst-dancers] Children in dance practice

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sun Sep 14 06:42:08 PDT 2003


My barony's minister of children recently asked me what requirements are
there for the children to participate in dance guild.
When I say participate, I mean that the children actually danced as part of
a set, and not dragged around by an adult. And it'll be ideal that when
dancing by themselves, they are not so confused that they disrupt the set.

So I'm asking for input from this list. If you've had children in your
guild, what worked, what didn't?

I'm not sure age limit is the answer (8+ and above), I'm looking more for
an abilities answer.
Here are some abilities I think they should have:
- Knowing Left from Right
- Can clap a steady beat
- Follows instruction

It's hard to say, as I've seen 2 year olds clap properly to gathering
peascods, and adults messing up. But in general, what would be a good guide

Thoughts, suggestions, input welcomed.


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