[Anst-dancers] AGED Meeting and Financial issues

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Greetings Morgan and all other Dance Gentles;
Well, there is a lot to discuss and although I intend to bring much of it up
on the list, a face-to-face is always helpful.  Also, I tend to talk with
people in my region a lot more than others so I know what they are doing and
how they feel about issues, but would havte to think that things are being
decided based solely on those conversations.

After stating that, here is the question(s) for this week:

Due to the generosity of Three Bridges, the Dance Guild will be receiving
some of the profits from KWDS (I am unsure what sort of total we're talking
about here).  Currently, our by-laws give no hints, directions, etc. for the
handling of funds by the guild.  So, we need to think about how we would
like to deal with this issue.  Some things to consider are:
*do we need a financial committee like the Cantons and larger groups have?
*if so, who is on it and how can they "hold meetings" to make decisions?
*what sort of things are an acceptable forum to spend that money?
*will we have ways to replensih the funds or even need to do so?

Ideas already mentioned for spending the money include paying to publish the
Ansteorran Dance Manual, paying to ship a copy of said manual to all
recognized political groups in Ansteorra (to be kept by an A&S minister or
seneschal or such), helping cover expenses of dance teachers traveling to
teach in other areas of Ansteorra, "Scholarships" to help Newbie's attend
dance events, helping to get a Ansteorra Dance Music CD or such made and

Along with that question:
If we cover the expense of publishing the manual, to whom should it be
available and at what cost?  Should all dance instructors get one free?
Should anyone who wants one get one free?  Should all groups (political
and/or dance classes)get one free copy and then pay for additional copies?

It's a big issue and since it involves money a potentilally volatile one, so
think carefully about your responses.  I will share my own opinions but did
not want to bias the discussion at the start.

In service to dance,
Lady Melissent the Capricious (Capricia)

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on 9/13/03 9:26 PM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> I think the A&S event sounds like a lovely place to have a meeting about
> dance.  SO let's call that one an "official" guild meeting.  I'll also
> at other regional events that aren't so far north.

I am sorry, I guess I have a short memory. Why are you wanting to call a
guild meeting?


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