[Anst-dancers] AGED Meeting and Financial issues

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I'd be happy if anyone tried to contact me any way.  ;-)

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on 9/15/03 2:55 PM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> Due to the generosity of Three Bridges, the Dance Guild will be receiving
> some of the profits from KWDS (I am unsure what sort of total we're
> about here).  Currently, our by-laws give no hints, directions, etc. for
> handling of funds by the guild.  So, we need to think about how we would
> like to deal with this issue.  Some things to consider are:
> *do we need a financial committee like the Cantons and larger groups have?
> *if so, who is on it and how can they "hold meetings" to make decisions?
> *what sort of things are an acceptable forum to spend that money?
> *will we have ways to replensih the funds or even need to do so?...ect,

Oh,...hm...that is interesting. I see your point in needing a meeting. This
is the icky stuff. I belive the manual will be on the web site as a PDF when
it is done, so anyone contacting the guild through e-mail does not have to
worry about buying a manual and that will be a big help. Has anyone tried to
contact you the old way (you know, the phone or sail mail)?


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