[Anst-dancers] RE: Steppes Artisan

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 3 10:20:22 PDT 2004


I think its a cut-out-early event.  There isnt a feast planned (there is a 
dessert side bar) and court should be early (and the Crown will not be there 
so probably short).

Guillaume and Isabeau might be planning something - but there hasnt been 
discussion about it at our meetings.

I'm not - but then... I am graduating that night, so will leave the event 
pretty early to go walk the stage and then party afterward. :-) (You and 
everyone else are welcome to come - you just have to drive to Arlington)


>Is there dancing planned for the evening at Steppes Artisan?  Trying to
>decide whether to day trip or get a hotel for Saturday night.

Don’t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search! 

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