[Anst-dancers] Fwd: [Ansteorra-announce] Middle Eastern Conclave at Bryn Gwlad Baronial Oct 29-31

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 2 18:30:37 PDT 2004

FYI, for the folks not on Ansteorra Announce.

Also, as an aside, there is no official european dancing planned for that 
event :(
I will bring a boombox and CDs for those wanting to dance, and am willing 
to dance when I am not tied up with other volunteer commitments.


 >Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 08:20:33 -0700 (PDT)
 >From: Sandra Jakl <kieralady2 at yahoo.com>

 >Greetings unto Ansteorra!!
 >I would like to announce at Bryn Gwlad Baronial, that
 >we will have an Ansteorran Middle Eastern Community
 >conclave. This conclave is called to discuss several
 >One (1): Whether the Middle Eastern dancers of
 >Ansteorra would like to form a kingdom-wide guild,
 >establish a charter and set-up organizational by-laws.
 >Two (2): Whether to establish said guild as a sub-set
 >of the existing Ansteorran Dance Guild, use their
 >charter and set-up separate by-laws.
 >Three (3): To discuss the content of said charter and
 >Four(4): To elect a head of the guild to organize
 >these items and future meetings.
 >Five (5): To discuss guidelines for ME Dance
 >competitions and exhibitions in the future.
 >Six (6): To meet and greet the other dancers and
 >members of the Ansteorran Middle Eastern Community.
 >Seven (7): To have fun!!!
 >Since this event is scheduled for Halloween weekend,
 >as a fun display, please bring your first dance outfit
 >ever and wear your best outfit now.
 >I am attempting to set up a mailing list for the
 >Middle Eastern Community, where we can begin to
 >discuss these items ahead of time, and where those who
 >are unable to attend may send their ideas and
 >opinions. I will post with either an Ansteorran
 >mailing list or a Yahoo Group within a couple of days.
 >To review the European Dancers Charter, please visit
 >I have been in discussion with the Deputy Kingdom A&S
 >Minister for Dance and Music, Phillip White, about
 >this item and I would like to formally invite him, and
 >the proctor of the Ansteorran European Dancers Guild,
 >to the proceedings.
 >Please forward this e-mail to any dancers that are not
 >subscribed to the Ansteorra list.
 >This first conclave will be hosted by the dancers of
 >Loch Soilleir.
 >Yours in Service,
 >Sana bint Kieran al Kerra
 >Also known as, HL Clara von Ulm
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