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Wed Aug 25 19:34:16 PDT 2004


We invite everyone to our wonderful Baronial event of the Barony of 
Wiesenfeuer (OKC, OK) on Labor Day weekend (September 3-6th). We will 
be having dance classes on both Saturday and Sunday with a dance ball 
early Sunday evening (4pm). We will have the band "Waites and Measures" 
playing for the ball (yah, live music!).

Here is the list and times of the dance classes:

Saturday (in the main hall)

Dances from the Gresley Manuscript • Taught by: Ariane Lancaster
Description: New dances from late 15th century England including Lebens 
Disenens De 2 and Prenes On Gre De Duobus.

Branles for All • Taught by: Perronelle
Description: Easy dances from 16th century France including the Branle 
Suite, and the Candlestick, Washerwoman’s, Pinagay, and Clog Branles.

English Country Dances • Taught by: Morgan Ellisse
Description: New and fun dances from 17th century England including 
Adson’s Saraband, Millisons Jegge and an old favorite, Scotch Cap.

Italian Court Dances • Taught by: Isabeau Lallement
Description: Beginning level dances from 15th century Italy including 
Grazioso, Petit Riense, and Rostiboli Giosioso.

Sunday (in the main hall)

Dances from the Inns of Court • Taught by: Perronnelle
Description: Simple 16th century English court dances including Lorayne 
Alman and Queen’s Alman.

Beginning 16th Century Italian • Taught by: Guillaume de Troyes
Description: Includes Villanella—an easy introductory dance to 16th 
century Italian.

Wiesenfeuer Baronial Ball List (Sunday, 4 pm in the main hall)

Set 1
• Candlestick Branle
• Branle Suite
• Lebens disinens de 2 (Gresley)
• Gathering Peascods
• Petit Vriens

Set 2
• Farendole
• Washerwoman's Branle
• Millison's Jegge
• Lorayne Alman
• Heralds In Love

Set 3
• Rostiboli Gioioso
• Prenes on gre de duobus (Gresley)
• Pinagay Branle
• Villinella
• Scotch Cap

Set 4
• Queens Alman
• Clog Branle
• Adson's Saraband
• Grazioso
• Quen Quer Que

For more on Wiesenfeuer's Baronial and directions for the event:

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