[Anst-dancers] Minutes from Kingdom A&S

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Sun Feb 1 19:15:10 PST 2004

Attending:  Capricia, Elin, Philip, Myfanwy, Kaitlynn, Helene, Arianne,
Morgan, Estril

I.  By-laws:
	A.  Amendmendments:  Charter does not specify how voting must take place,
so since so much will need to be voted on, it would be best to create a
ballot.  Members in attendance at the meeting can complete the ballot at the
meeting.  Those who will be absent can complete a ballot (the form will
hopefully be posted on the website) and either send it by proxy or mail it
to the proctor.
	The guild would like to see all voting and officials meetings announced in
the Blackstar 2 months in advance.  This could either be put in Notes and
Challenges (which would need to be paid for) or under the A&S report.
	B.  Levels:  Everyone present in agreement over discontinuing levels.
Membership would still simply be based on a request being sent to the
proctor.  The proctor and local dance teachers will try to keep the roster
current by removing inactive people every couple of years or so.  It was
advised that a "Proctor handbook" be created to detail this and other
procedures without actually cluttering up the by-laws.
	C.  Badge and insignia:  Keep it simple.  Yellow and black were agreed upon
colors.  The chief of allegiance can already be added by any Ansteorran to
their clothing, badges, etc.  so there is no need to make this an official
part of the design, unless absolutely needed to give us enough points of
difference for the heralds to pass the badge.  Black dancetty lines on gold
(our current proposed badge) is taken, but gold dancetty lines on black is
available.  The most agreed upon badge so far would be a single dancetty
line counterchanged (1/2 black on gold, 1/2 gold on black).  This would
allow armbands and such to be easily woven as insignia.  The foot and single
leg were "eliminated".  The shoe, yellow triskele on black, and the feather
are all acceptable charges.
	Once passed, the guild would like for all members to wear the insignia
while an active dancer.  The cost would be minimal - only to cover cost of
production.  Another guild included a statement in their by-laws that states
if a member becomes inactive, he/she should not wear the insignia until
he/she becomes active again.  This statement was well received as a
potential addition to our by-laws.
	D.  Guild meetings:  See notes above about announcing.  The only meeting
that is (and will be) mandated in the by-laws is the proctor election
meeting.  The proctor is (and will be) allowed to call any number of
meetings as long as they are announced.  (This will probably be in the
	E. Financial issues:  A kingdom-designated fund will be the easiest for the
group.  However, we need to create our financial policy and get the
kingdom's financial committee to approve our policy since officially they
are our financial committee.
	Our financial committee should consist of the proctor, the Kingdom
treasurer or their designate, and the Kingdom A&S Minister or their
designate.  We would need to propose a budget each year for basic spending.
The best time to do this would be at the proctor election meeting and the
outgoing proctor would take the guild's proposals to the financial committee
for approval and report back to the guild if there are any problems.
	Any individual, un-budgeted expenses will need to be approved by the
financial committee by the most convenient means possible within a given
time frame.
	The guild needs to recuperate production costs on such items as the manual,
insignia, etc.  These items should be available for all to purchase.  Items
should not be given away free as doing so could limit the ability to
continue making these available to everyone once the original supply runs
	G.  Name for Kingdom Event:  Keep it simple and non-European dance specific
since the event incorporates musicians and middle eastern dancers.  Thus,
the leading name choices:  Chiara Stella (Bright Star), Stella Chiomata
(Blazing Star), and Tutti Venite e Ballete (Y'all come and dance).
II.  Dance Manual
	Most discussion tabled until Candlemas.
Some copyright issues were discussed.  Suggested disclaimer in the front of
the book would allow contact info. for someone who thought their dance had
been included without permission.  Dances viewed as "public domain" would
not necessarily have a "reconstructed by" credit line.  MAYBE a "submitted
by".  For dances, that were definitely reconstructed, we probably will need
to have a written form that will be stored in one file kept with the editor
(possibly proctor - copies).
	For future editions of the manual, it was discussed that once the proctor
had chosen an editor, the editor would publish a list of criteria that would
need to be met for dances to be included in the manual.
III.  Website:
	Most discussion tabled until Candlemas.
	The Who's Who page idea is very popular.  The proctor shared printouts of
the laurel's page format was received favorably.  A minimum of info. would
include Name, Location, and e-mail.  Other info. could be included based on
agreement between the individual and the web editor/v-scribe.
	Due to the Kingdom's desire to have a warranted officer, the proctor would
appoint a web editor/v-scribe and pass that information on to the Chronicler
or Kingdom A&S (we need to get more info. on this) in order for the web
editor to be included on the Kingdom warrants.
	The proctor will be looking more into exactly how the guild falls into the
bureaucracy of the SCA.  Currently, the proctor is supposed to report to the
A&S office per the by-laws.  However, Virtual scribes report through the
Chronicler's office.  We're basically setting precedence for how guilds will
function in the kingdom, so some of these issues may not get resolved
IV.  Teacher exchange and helping new groups.  THe teacher exchange idea
hasn't really been working - the interregional dance
"practice/revel/workshop" will probably replace this concept.
	There are groups currently requesting teachers:
		Shire of Seawinds:  help with a ball at Coastal Invasion on February
14th.  Contact: Lady Katherine Brandon (Gail Gavit
[ggavit at interconnect.net]).
		Stargate members do plan on attending this event.

		Shire of Tempio:  Demo in Killeen, TX at an Irish pub.  I'm looking 		into
the date. Contact:  Lady Liadain inghean Brignagh
[ladyliadainib at yahoo.com].  Myfanwy volunteered to contact this group.

		Shire of Crossrode Keep (West Texas):  general dance knowledge any
		time.  Contact:  Lady Elwys Luscomb (jlusk at crcom.net).  Baroness 			Oriana
della Francesca (pippermint at sbcglobal.net) would also love more
		teachers, so maybe these could be combined.

V.  Interregional dance practices.  Encouraged every quarter, but strive for
two a year.  A group/individual would send a host proposal to the proctor
(preferably 2 months in advance, minimum 1 month in advance) stating when,
where, and what the topic or format (see ideas below) would be.
Notification would be made in as many forums as possible (website, list,
local newsletters).  These would not be events, but dance revels, workshops,
days of geekiness.  There would not be tracks of classes, only 1 main forum.
Ideas could include:  dance research discussions or work sessions, focus on
dance games, focus on one style of dance, "our favorite dances", dances that
evolve around a theme (like Morgan and Arianne's Christmas ball), other
research about dance and society that doesn't actually produce a dance,
morale boost for the group, etc.

VI.  Kingdom Dance.
	Brief discussion of general aspects:  every other year opposite KWDS.
Deadline for bids:  beginning of year (Jan. 1st ?) for that year.  I.E. a
bid for 2005 would need to be in by next January.  Kingdom A&S minister,
deputy and guild proctor will decide on the bid as guild financial
	For 2004, deadline is February 15th, bids are still open.  Philip has
submitted a bid to host at UTA at the end of June and shared some
information.  This would allow the proctor election, possibly all this
voting, and practice time for performances for 25th year.
Kingdom dance has been made an official kingdom-level event so it doesn't
count against a group's total.

VII.  Kingdom Performance event:
	Every other year, same year as KWDS.  Combine all performance arts as class
tracks and/or have staging areas to showcase the various talents.

VIII.  Ansteorran 25th year:
	Arianne shared information.
	Classes:  There will classes Thursday and Friday.  All class submissions
must be turned in to Arianne before March 24th.
	Performances:  various groups will be doing performances.  Performance
Dance 		submissions must be given to Guillaume before April 15th.  The
submission must state whether live musicians are needed.  If so, sheet
music that can be freely copied should be included with the 			submission.
A final practice session will be scheduled at Kingdom 		Dance.
	Balls:  Themes:  Thursday - Cardinals and Courtesans (Italian only).
				Friday - Argent Ball (Grand ball - all styles)  Ihon and ?  				leading.
				Saturday - Glorius Gloriana (?) (Court of Elizabeth, La 				Volta,
Playford, etc.)
		2 dance leaders are needed for each ball.  The ball lists must be 		turned
in by February 15th so musicians and music can be arranged.  		VOLUNTEERS
ARE NEEDED ASAP.  Contact Isabeau.
	Decorations:  Helene is the decorating coordinator.  She would like
assistance in making more banners.

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