[Anst-dancers] Minutes from Candlemas

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Tue Feb 10 20:13:01 PST 2004

In attendance:  Capricia, Isabeau & Ihon, Elin, Philip, Rachael, Myfanwy,
Sabina, Jehanne, Tahira, and at least 2 others whose names and faces I'm not
remembering - my apologies.

Many items discussed at Kingdom A&S were shared and if there were no
significant new comments, they will not addressed in these minutes.

As there has not yet been an A&S Minister's handbook, we are setting
precedence and may be assisted by Jehanne.  The proctor's handbook can be
included as a section in the A&S handbook.  There was discussion as to
whether or not the proctor should be a warranted position under the A&S
office.  Much of this is still to be decided.
	A.  Amendments - discussion regarding need to list all meetings in
Blackstar or simply by most convenient means.  This will be decided by vote.
	C.  Badge - In addition to the concept of dance counterchanged, the idea to
have a large Ansteorran star as well was introduced.  This design will be
included in the vote.
	E.  Financial Issues - Should non-guild members be designated as part of
the guild financial committee?  Two options now are:  1.  Proctor, kingdom
treasurer or designee, kingdom A&S or designee. 2.  Previous proctor (most
recent), current or incoming proctor, and Kingdom A&S designee.
	F.  Kingdom Dance Name - Italian would seem exclusionary to the Middle
Eastern community.   - Proposed change in kingdom law could include "Kingdom
dance and music symposium".  - the proctor will do some research and
discussion with the other groups involved in this event before a name is
voted upon.

As the current manual is no longer accessible to the guild, there is a need
to create a new manual.  To aid in this prospect, the proctor will choose an
editor-in-chief who will establish criteria for submissions and be the
deputy in charge of this project.  Section heads will be decided (by editor
and proctor with veto option available to both).  These section heads will
be responsible for one type of dance compilations.  Each section chief will
determine step descriptions for the section, accept submissions which fit
the criteria established by the editor-in-chief and that have appropriate
copyright documentation, compile the submissions, consult any submittor's on
necessary revisions, and edit the section.  All materials will then be
submitted to the editor-in-chief who has final responsibility for compiling,
formatting, editing, etc.
If possible this manual will be published by Kingdom Dance.

The v-scribe would be warranted under the chronicler.

Interregional Dance Practices:
March 6th in Bryn Gwlad.  Theme:  Dance Revel
July 31st, possibly Bjornsborg

Further discussions were cancelled as court began at 4.

Reminders:  Ball coordinators for 25th year are needed a.s.a.p. as ball
lists are due by February 15th.
To schedule classes or performances or to assist in decoration, please see
the dance link off the 25th year celebration website for deadlines and
contact information.

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