[Anst-dancers] Deadline Approaching...

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Sat Feb 28 16:26:46 PST 2004

The MARCH 24TH deadline is rapidly approaching for you to
SIGN UP to teach a dance/music class at Ansteorra's 25th Year.

I only need a class name and time length by March 24th, class 
descriptions can wait until May.

We still need teachers! Especially for Friday, July 9.

We specifically need the following two beginning 15th century Italian 
classes to be taught on Thursday, July 8, prior to the Thursday night 
ball "Cardinals & Courtesans".
CLASS 1: Amoroso, Leoncello Vecchio, Petit Riense
CLASS 2: Anello, Gelosia, Rostiboli Gioioso

We could also really use some classes on Almans/Pavans, Branles, or 
Basse dances as well as music classes. Though any class you want to 
teach would be welcomed greatly!

For more information about the balls and other dance activities please 
visit the website:

If you are interested, please contact me with the following information:
• Name (SCA & Mundane)
• Email Address
• Phone #
• Mailing Address
• Class Name
• Class Description (can wait until May)
• Length of Class
• Times unable to teach/preferred time
• Any special needs for your class

Dance Happy!

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