[Anst-dancers] Meridies Kingdom Dance - Saltare

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 16 09:25:32 PST 2004

Greetings Dancers,

Again, The Kingdom Dance Guild of Meridies, Saltare, has hosted a wonderful 
event.  The classes were fun and the dancing was great at Saltare this year 
- their Kingdom Dance event.

Honorable Lady Elin and I had a great time together at the event, and I 
think we both agree that will will have to return.  They have been very 
welcoming to us over the past years.  I encourage you all to experience 
their hospitality and kindness.  We've made some good friends since we first 
went four Saltare's ago.

Saltare also opened their doors to some Ansteoran dance teachers, who I'd 
like to give recognition too.  They traveled a long way to teach and share 
their knowledge with another Kingdom.  And I think they were well received.  
I personally thank them for their efforts and service to dance and the 

Racheal McFinney of Bjornsborg helped teach a class on Branles.  Lady 
Mellissant d'Aulnay (Our Guild Proctor Capricia) of Glaslyn taught a class 
on peasant dances.  Lady Lowrie Leulyn from Bryn Gwlad thought a class on 
Maraviglia d'Amore.

Overall it was well worth the trip and a great experience.  If you can in 
the future, try and go yourself.

~Philip White, Dance and Music Deputy

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