[Anst-dancers] 25th Year Dance and Music Activities

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 9 12:09:25 PST 2004

Thank you, Philip, for announcing this.

I will be adding more information in the coming days. I had wanted to 
make an announcement after all of my staff positions had been filled. 
(Which should be any day now). Also, I was still in the process of 
de-bugging it. Anyway, in the near future, you can look for the 
following updates:

* A calendar of deadlines, work days, and performance practice days.
* A page for each area of the staff, with a complete listing of their 
various duties & updates on their various jobs.
* An updated staff listing, with deputies, etc, listed.
* Background information for each of the balls - history, famous 
individuals, costume ideas, etc.

Once classes have been scheduled, that will be posted up as well.

Argent looks to be an all around great event, but I hope to make it 
even more so for musicians and dancers.

In service,


On Monday, February 9, 2004, at 01:56  PM, Craig Shupee' wrote:

> Hi all,
> HL Isabeau has provided a site for all the dance activities at 25th 
> Year.
> http://dancemaster.org/events/argent/
> I found the link off of the argent.ansteorra.org website.
> Its got a lot of info on there - so check it out so you dont miss 
> deadlines for the event.  Especially pay attention to the deadlines 
> for performances and classes.
> ~Philip
> Dance and Music Deputy

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