[Anst-dancers] Dance Gathering

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Wed Feb 25 07:33:34 PST 2004

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything about this since shortly after 

Come one, Come all!  Let's have a gathering of dancers on Saturday, March 
6.  We'll be meeting at my house (in Austin) to talk about dancing, hang 
out with each other, learn new dances, dance favorites, talk about how to 
do steps.  Whatever we want to do, this is mostly a chance for us to get to 
know each other without the confines of an event that we have to work around.

We'll start gathering around 11:00am and I need people out of the house by 
11:00pm.  If anybody needs crash space, please let me or Lowrie know.  We 
both have room.

If you are thinking about coming, please give me a heads up so I know how 
many people to expect.

For food, Pug has graciously offered to cook fajitas out on the 
grill.  I'll be providing fajita meat (both beef and chicken), tortillas, 
cheese, and pico de gallo.  If people would please bring something to share 
or be willing to contribute a bit of money so somebody can run up to the 
store to buy stuff.

My address is:
1502 Choquette Drive
Austin, TX   78757

You can either enter it into mapquest or you can go to: 

The phone number is 512-206-0884 if you get lost.

In service,

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