[Anst-dancers] Guild Meetings

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Tue Jan 6 16:35:57 PST 2004

There will be "official" guild meetings at Kingdom A&S
(http://mooneschadowe.ansteorra.org/KAS/) on January 31st at 11:00AM and at
Candlemas (http://bryn-gwlad.ansteorra.org/candlemas04/) on February 6th at
3:00PM. Please try to attend one of these meetings.  If you are a dance
teacher, please share this information with your students and encourage them
to attend.  Since we have a lot to cover and a limited amount of scheduled
time, I am providing the following proposed agenda based on past discussions
on the list and with individuals in person.  If you think anything needs to
be changed, added, deleted, etc. please e-mail me privately.  If you will be
unable to attend either meeting, please make your opinions known to me
privately no later than February 6th.

This information will also be included on the Dance Guild Website.

In service to dance,
Lady Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious (Capricia), Guild Proctor

A.G.E.D. Meeting Agenda
January 31, 2004 and February 6, 2004

I.	By-Laws:
	A.	How to make amendments
	B.	Discontinue levels – If done, how membership is obtained.
	C.	Guild badge  (Lady Helene has proposed a peacock feather (color?) on a
yellow field.) and associated insignia
	D.	Guild Meetings
		1.	Mandated in bylaws
		2.	Number per year
		3.	How announced
      E.  Financial Issues
      	1.  Kingdom-designated fund
		2.	Financial committee – Who may request funds
		3.	Acceptable usage - voting
		4.	Earning Funds
		5.	Dance Manual
			a.  Covering cost to publish
			b.  Free vs. paid and to whom
		6.	Name for Kingdom Dance Event
			a.	Italian vs. English
			b.	Name
				·	Ballo Della Stella Sola (Dance of the Lone Star 					(Ansteorra))
				·	Ballo di Regno (Kingdom Dance)
				·	Ballo di Stella (Danceof the Star)
				·	Capriole
				·	Chiara Stella (Bright Star)
				·	Stella Chiomata (Blazing Star)
				·	Tutti Venite e Ballete (Y’All Come and Dance)

II.  Manual
	A.	Sharing of Sample Format and Work to Date
	B.	Criteria for future submissions of dances to manual and website.
	C.	Permission/Release Forms  (Info. from Chronicler’s handbook)

III.  Website
	A.	Who’s Who page – Format similar to Laurel’s page and KWDS IV handbook
	B.	Non-SCA dance event page
	C.	Submissions-Under-Review page or e-mail submissions
	D.	Password protected access – i.e. for roster , submissions, etc.
	E.	History page  and Guild Historian
	F.	Link from Ansteorra Website

IV.  Teacher Exchange

V.  Interregional Dance Practices
	A.	Purpose
	B.	Scheduling and Announcing

VI.	Events
	A.	Kingdom Dance
		1.	Purpose
		2.	Scheduling/Bidding
		3.	Music project started by Lady Lowrie
	B.  Kingdom Performance Event
		1.	Purpose
		2.	Scheduling
		3.	Hosted by guild
	C.  Ansteorran 25th year
		1.	Goals of Coordinator HL Isabeau
		2.	Performances
		3.	Balls – Staged ball like “Desire & Disdayne” shared by Sayidda

VII.  Research Opportunity – Blackstar A&S issue

VIII.  New Business

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