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Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Thu Jan 8 06:12:41 PST 2004

I am going to be at the BG meeting - cant make Mooneshadowe


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on 1/7/04 2:58 PM, Scot and Michelle Henry at cshenry at ev1.net wrote:

> I believe they are scheduled for one hour, but back up to a break so we have
> a little leeway.  By posting the agenda, I'm hoping we can be succinct in
> our discussions and move quickly through things such as the badge, dance
> event name, etc.

At the Kingdom A&S event I think we will need at least 3 hours. That is a
lot of stuff to go over and if we even want to come close to covering a good
part of it, then we need more time. Some people, like you, will be coming
from out of state (two just for the meeting) and I think we should make it
worth their (your) time. An hour will not get us very far. I remember the
last meeting that I attended (last Kingdom Dance) was less than two hours
and we did not have as much to go over. In fact, I think the toppics were:

New Proctor
Dance Manual
Promoting Dance

Who is all going to be there for the Mooneshadowe meeting?

BTW, has anyone have any details of the Ball later on this night (at the


Morgan Ellisse

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