[Anst-dancers] Coronation and Dance

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 14 20:46:11 PST 2004

>So, how did dancing go yesterday. For that matter, how did the rest of the
>event go too?

Honorable Lady Isabeau Lallement of the Steppes Dance Guild organized and 
planned for the event.  Honorable Lord Guillaume de Troyes led the dancers.

Musicians were Master Avatar of Catsprey, Master Michael Silverhands, 
Honorable Lord Gerald of Leesville, and Honorable Lady Elin the Timid.

The music was good.  Surprisingly - considering the continued problems with 
the Ennis Sokal Hall - we had a good area for dances, at least for the few 
that were dancing.  12th night was the week before and had a lot of dance 
activities, so dance wasnt as pushed for Coronation.  Also, a lot of the 
dancers were on staff or vollunteering the event.  (One of the troubles of 
haveing two events back-to-back.)

As for the event, I think the rest of it was really good - though I am a 
little biased.  However, I didnt like that so many left after closing court. 
  Its a little sad when half the hall leaves.


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