[Anst-dancers] More on badge

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 16 08:07:39 PST 2004

The following is cut and paste from a whole bunch of the posts on badges:

>I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing a badge that resembled a racist 
>symbol, especially since badges can look similar to patchers bikers sew on 
>their garments.

Well, I think most of us are ignorant to any biker symbols.  I know I 
wouldnt let this stop me from using a triskelion of human legs.  I am 
surprised that people havn't said, 'I don't want a symbol that could be 
associated with Trimaris.'  (Well, one has, but he dosn't even live in 
Kingdom.)  Look at http://www.trimaris.org/, thier principle herald is even 
called Triskele Principal Herald.  I am thinking maybe we shouldn't use 
three legs, but just one leg instead.

>But can the foot be in pointe?  Better than a flex foot.   (we were always 
>badgered for flex feet)

I think we could specify this - maybe?  But I am certain that human 
apendages were almost always drawn with joints bent - demonstrating the 
movement of the leg, or arm.  I read that this is the defunct position of 
the leg (for instance) but that might mean that we could specify otherwise.
(I actually dont know if you were joking - or serious about this.)

>Is a slipper a heraldic charge?


>peacock feather

Can someone explain to me why people would look at a peacock feather and 
think 'oh - its the dance guild'?

>If someone could resend me the ideas I didn't get,
>I'll get to it this weekend.

Wow, Katriana - that was really nice to do.  Could you do a few with the 
same basic blazon, but the charges being a foot, a shoe, a slipper, and a 
leg?  So we can see what those look like to?



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