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>But can the foot be in pointe?  Better than a flex foot.   (we were always 
>badgered for flex feet)

I think we could specify this - maybe?  But I am certain that human 
apendages were almost always drawn with joints bent - demonstrating the 
movement of the leg, or arm.  I read that this is the defunct position of 
the leg (for instance) but that might mean that we could specify otherwise.
(I actually dont know if you were joking - or serious about this.)
>If someone could resend me the ideas I didn't get,
>I'll get to it this weekend.


No - wasnt joking.  I just think it would look nicer if it were not a flex foot (making an L shape with the foot). The drawing would look just like the running flex foot drawing, but with a pointed foot. If you can imagine a straight line from the knee going to the toe, then going up the back side, a "lump" for the toe and for the heel, coming in a little for the ankle, then a curved line for the calf, etc.  

I am not very familiar with the heraldic symbols and whether or not this is traditionally accepted, but Creative is our middle name.  Just my two cents....

BTW - not offended if we dont want to use it...


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