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Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 16 20:06:03 PST 2004

Thank you Katriana for the effort you put into this! It really helped a 
lot. After having viewed the badges, these are my thoughts:

Personally, when I see a badge with a shoe, I think it means the person 
wearing it makes shoes. I'm also not sure what I think of a dismembered 
leg or foot.

While I like the idea of showing allegiance to Ansteorra by having the 
black star on the gold at the top, I think it might add an unnecessary 
level of complication to the construction of the badges.

That is:

It is incredibly simple for people to make a circular badge out of one 
color of fabric, then sew on a piece of appliqué to that circle. It 
becomes more complicated when we have a divided field with 2 pieces of 

So, personally, I vote for a plain field with one object in the middle, 
preferably something we might be able to find in the manufactured 
appliqué section of hobby lobby, or something we could draw a template 
of and post online, for people to cut out and sew onto the badge.

Also, I think the original thought was to have something that wouldn't 
clash with most garb. By returning to the Ansteorra's black and yellow 
(I personally have no problem with this since yellow is my favorite 
color) I think this may become an issue with some people.

When did the purpose of the badge become to look like something 
dancing, or associated with dance? The proposed badge from earlier was 
a gold field with a black zig-zaggy line in it. I know that their was a 
pun with the heraldic language, but for people who have no background 
in heraldry that meant nothing.

I think we should keep it simple, and have something on our badge that 
symbolizes a quality we all agree dancers should have.

I have found the following site listing heraldic meanings, which might 
help people generate ideas:


~ Isabeau

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