[Anst-dancers] Academy of the Sword and War College

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Wed Jan 21 18:57:19 PST 2004

Is anyone going to Wiesenfeuer's (Oklahoma City, OK) Academy of the Sword
and War College event, Feb. 20-22?

We were asked by the autocrats to run a dance ball on the Friday night of
the event. Before I go overboard and try to get live musicans, deck the
halls with banners and get a side board, I am trying to get a feel for how
many people to expect there (hopefully more than 10). I was thinking because
it is War College we could call the ball:
"Drink, Dance & be Merry, for tommorow we Die" (or go to war, or something
like that).

Here is a web site that has a little bit of info:

For more info please check the Black Star. If you do not get the Black Star,
let us know we can give you more info.

Anyway, let us know.

Morgan Ellisse & Ariane Lancaster

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