[Anst-dancers] Gods & Monsters Ball at KASMAT

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Mon Jan 26 10:00:37 PST 2004

Currently the Gods & Monsters ball is scheduled to start at 9pm. 

Keeping in the spirit of Tribute, what I'm planning on doing is providing 
a means whereby anyone may vote to either add/keep or delete dance(s) from 
the main ball list. 25 cents a vote; voting stops at 5pm so that a final 
ball list can be created. Three caveats: 
If the musicians don't have the music for a requested dance, it's dropped. 

If I don't know the dance, a call for a dance leader will go out - if no 
one steps forward and volunteers, we immediately go to the next dance.
I will keep the total number of dances at a maximum of 20 - therefore if 
no dances are voted out, but several are voted in, I will arbitrarily 
remove dance(s) from the list (only those that have not been voted to be 
kept *on* the list).

Here's the proposed list. Lots of golden oldies:

Set 1
Schiarazula Marazula
Black Alman
Herald's in Love
Hole in the Wall

Set 2
Petit Vriens
Half Hannikin
Washerwoman Bransle
Picking up Sticks

Set 3
Montard Bransle
Black Nag
Duchess Rondalynn's Pavan 
Rufty Tufty

Set 4
Gathering Peascods
Nika Nika / War Bransles


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