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Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Thu Jan 29 18:30:22 PST 2004

Guillaume and Isabeau,
I think the wording of the letter is such that if the two of you decided you
no longer wanted your manual to belong to the guild there would be no
worries that guild members would "borrow" your work anyway from the online
manual.  I did not feel that there was any implication that you would not be
continuing with the manual.  After speaking with Isabeau on the phone, I
have no concerns with the manual at this time.  Although the copyright issue
may still be a bugaboo, it's something that we can deal with in the next few
months.  I'm looking into what the Chronicler's handbook says about the
minimum required to cover ourselves here.
Also, I think from what I've heard about the website and officers
discussions recently is that the officer who will be held responsible can
still have someone else be the web manager; however, the officer will be
held responsible for problems or indiscretions.  I believe it has to do with
the issues between the business side of the SCA and the "game" side of the
SCA.  I thank you for the work that's been done - even just today I had
someone ask to join the guild because of the webpage.  It's now up to Philip
to decide the future status of web manager.

In service,

    The wording of our dismissal letter seems to put the status of that
manual in limbo also. That's just as well. The copyright issues alone
were giving us second thoughts about putting the kingdom's name on the
manual, and exposing Ansteorra to this liability. That is why we
removed it from the A.G.E.D. website a few weeks ago.

    Many thanks to those who have submitted contributions and worked on
it with us, thinking it was going to the Ansteorra dance manual. They
are enormously appreciated. We will be contacting some submitters to
re-obtain permission to use their work in our manual. We understand if
people refuse.

Thanks for the opportunity we've had to serve the kingdom in this

HL Guillaume de Troyes
HL Isabeau Lallement

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