[Anst-dancers] Change of Ansteorran Dance site...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Thu Jan 29 19:31:59 PST 2004

Kaitlyn McKenna (kaitlyn_mckenna at hotmail.com) said something that sounded like:
> I'm a little confused on something. Is the AGED webpage falling under the 
> deputy for dance/A&S because it is on the ansteorra server and is linked off 
> the Kingdom page?

Good Morning,

  I certainly don't know everything that is going on but I know how the
  decision was made.

  I know is that there were some concerns raised regarding the security
  of the website and that the site had been supposedly hacked as well as
  other issues. Because of this coming to my attention, I initiated
  discussions with the Kingdom VScribe and Kingdom MoAS. From these
  discussions and the changes in the guidelines for the websites hosted
  on the server and from the Society, it was decided that an official
  officer needed to be *responsible* for it. This movement of the vscribe
  accounts is a direction that has been a work in progress for some time
  and this one was accellerated.

  The logical choice at this time is Deputy for Dance and Music. The
  Kingdom MoAS and I discussed several other people that made sense, but
  this is the one that it was decided upon. How that officer maintains
  the site is up to that officer, and if there are *any* issues there is
  no doubt who gets slapped around.

  I have to apologize for the suddeness off it and it is my fault that
  it didn't go over well. I was under the impression that there had been
  attempts to contact Guillame and Isabeau about the issues and it may
  have come off sudden when the account was changed over last night if
  they weren't involved.

  When I sent the letter of notification of change last night, I made
  sure to tell Guillaume, Isabeau, Philip, and Melissent that Jehanne
  and I would be available at Kingdom A&S and Candlemas to discuss it
  with them face to face if there were any outstanding issues.


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