[Anst-dancers] Not able to attend meetings

Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Fri Jan 30 14:45:46 PST 2004

Hello everyone.

I will be unable to attend the meetings this weekend and next weekend.  Sorry - I really wanted to sit in on them.  It is just that I was able to get my apartment sooner than I thought, so I will be moving Feb 7th.

Kathryn of Ayr
Julie Cunningham

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Guillaume and I will be unvailable for any non-local SCA events until 
after we close on our house on Feb. 17th. We have an accelerated 
contract, so there were only 3 weeks between when we made the offer and 
the closing date. Due to the entire process moving very quickly, it 
would be unwise of us to leave town until the closing date. That means 
we cannot attend either of the AGED meetings. In fact, we probably 
won't be going to any SCA events until a month or so after we move in.

I thought I had previously posted this information, but I guess I 
didn't. Philip, Capricia, Morgan, Ariane, and Helene had all been 
informed at different times.

We'll be sending information with my sister, Helene, for the meeting in 

We look forward to seeing everyone later this spring!

~ Isabeau

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