[Anst-dancers] More on badge

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Sat Jan 17 08:44:36 PST 2004

My favorite is the one with the yellow and the black star with the tri-leg
thing in the middle. The other tri-leg one is also nice.

The ones with the feathers are nice but it makes us look like a poetry guild
instead. I do not think the dismembered foot or leg is very unappealing
(unless they are cross legs with a scull! J/K). The zig-zags are neat
looking, but I think it reminds me of a bug.

I think people would not get the Tri-Leg one confused with Trimaris because
of the HUGE black star on it. BUT, I do have to say the one with the dance
shoe is undoubtably dance looking, so that is my 2nd favorite.

You know, I have a nice Pirate device with a black star...OUTCH! (as Ariane
smacks me on the back of the head!) !@#$%&*....uh, never mind.


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