[Anst-dancers] Candlemas Classes and Ball List

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sat Jan 24 08:42:13 PST 2004

Candlemas is 2 weeks away!

Updates will go to the Candlemas webpage: 
There will be a best mask contest for the ball.

Here's the class list:

9 AM
Instructor: HL Myfanwy ferch Eifion
Title: Gresley Dancing
Have you always wondered what dances the English were doing in the 15th 
century?  Have you heard about Gresley dances but you have no idea what 
they are?  Do you just want to learn as much dancing you can? We'll be 
learning Ly bens distonys, Pernes on gre de dobus, and perhaps more if time 
Experience: Anybody

10 AM
Instructor: Cynthia
Title: Easy Bransles
Basic instructions review for some and a great start for evening dancing 
for other gentles. Impress the lords & ladies with your knowledge of dance. 
Enjoy playful bransles.
Experience: Basic, no experience required. Kids must be ages 8 or older.

11 AM
Instructor: Lady Lowrie Leulyn
Title: 16th Century Italian dance
We'll be doing Villanella, a smooth and elegant dance, as well as Gracca 
Amorosa, a fast and energetic dance.
Experience: Intermediate, no 16th Century Italian experience required, 
adults only.

1 PM
Instructor: HL Philip White
Title: Burgundian Basse Dance
We'll identify the structure and steps of the Fifteenth Century Burgundian 
Basse dance.  After this, it is relatively simple to learn any basse dance.
We'll learn the commonly performed Cassule la Nouvelle as well as attempt 
some other dances from period transcription.
Experience: Beginners, teenagers and older.

2 PM
Instructor: Lady Tahira
Title:  Shake Up Your 15th C. Italian Dancing
Description:  Bored of Anello, Amoroso, Petit Riense, and Rostiboli 
Gioioso?  Come learn some of the less frequently danced 15th C. 
balli.  Possible dances include: Voltati in Ca Rosina, Gratiosa, Mercantia, 
and Rostiboli Gioioso in Tre.
Experience:  Familiarity with 15th C. Italian dance terms (e.g. ripresa, 
piva, Italian style singles and doubles) preferred.  Adults only.

3 PM
Leader: Lady Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious
Title: Ansteorren Guild of European Dancers Meeting
A meeting of all who are interested in the European dance guild.  We will be
amending and proposing new bylaws, deciding financial policies, sharing
progress on current projects, and discussing upcoming dance events. (This 
will probably go beyond an hour.)
Experience: Open to all interested in European dancing.

Ball List (hosted by HL Myfanwy ferch Eifion)

Set 1
Pease Bransle (T)
Gathering Peascods (T)
Rostiboli Gioso
Ly Bens
Black Almande (T)
Gracca Amoroso

Set 2
Rufty Tufty (T)
Petit Riens (T)
War Bransle
Earl of Salisbury (T)

Set 3
Horses Bransle (T)
Heralds in Love (T)
Madam Sosalia's Almande
If all the world were paper

Set 4
Washerwoman's Bransle (T)
Black Nag (T)

Quen Quer Que will end the ball.

Yay! Dancing!

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