[Anst-dancers] Academy of the Sword and War College V Ansteorran Tribute

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 28 07:59:47 PST 2004


I'd like to go to Academy of the Sword - lots of people I like will be thier 
and my friends are Stewarding so I's like to support them.  But really I 
know I need time off and thats a weekend I am going to take a break.

>So, besides Pip and Capricia, do we have any other southerners attending 
>the meeting this Saturday?

I think 'Pip' is me... at least I am assuming so.  Elin will also be there 
at Ansteorran Tribute - we are both displaying in Kingdom A&S (wish us 
luck).  Sebastion is going up with Capricia - but I dont know if he will pop 
in or not.  Mistress Jehanne was invited to step in (thats Kingdom A&S) but 
its a very busy day for her.

I thought I heard Helene was going to - but dont know for sure.


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