[Anst-dancers] Change of Ansteorran Dance site...

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 28 23:26:52 PST 2004

Greetings from HL Guillaume & HL Isabeau,

    Well, we've been fired as scribes of the A.G.E.D. website, and not 
by Lady Capricia, the proctor. The site appears to have been removed 
from the control of A.G.E.D. and placed directly under the Kingdom 
Minister of Arts & Sciences and her deputies.

    It's been a labor of love and many, many hours for my wife, HL 
Isabeau Lallement, and it's very jarring to have it torn away so 
abruptly, without warning or thanks. However, we do wish HL Philip 
White great success with it. (He is Kingdom Deputy Minister of A&S for 

    I suppose it does free Isabeau and me to spend more time teaching 
the Steppes dance class that we greatly enjoy, preparing for Argent 
Anniversary, and working on our dance manual.

    The wording of our dismissal letter seems to put the status of that 
manual in limbo also. That's just as well. The copyright issues alone 
were giving us second thoughts about putting the kingdom's name on the 
manual, and exposing Ansteorra to this liability. That is why we 
removed it from the A.G.E.D. website a few weeks ago.

    Many thanks to those who have submitted contributions and worked on 
it with us, thinking it was going to the Ansteorra dance manual. They 
are enormously appreciated. We will be contacting some submitters to 
re-obtain permission to use their work in our manual. We understand if 
people refuse.

Thanks for the opportunity we've had to serve the kingdom in this 

HL Guillaume de Troyes
HL Isabeau Lallement

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