[Anst-dancers] Change of Ansteorran Dance site...

Kaitlyn McKenna kaitlyn_mckenna at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 19:05:46 PST 2004

I'm a little confused on something. Is the AGED webpage falling under the 
deputy for dance/A&S because it is on the ansteorra server and is linked off 
the Kingdom page? I understand that each section of the ansteorra webpage 
pertaining to a Great Officer is maintained by that Officer (having just 
been such myself) and it follows that that responsibility would trickle down 
to the appropriate deputy; however, since its inception, I have perceived 
the guiild to be a separate entity from the Kingdom A&S Office since it was 
a Kingdom Guild. It could, I suppose, fall under the Kingdom A&S Office, but 
it is still separate, kinda like local groups are their own entities. The 
Ansteorra Longship Company is technically a Kingdom Guild, hence its ability 
ot have its own finances.

So. If AGED is its own entity under the A&S Office, it would have its own 
Principal, treasurer(if it had its own account) and its own "any other 
officer" as defined by its own charter. Thus, why have the people who have 
been administering the site been released and the Deputy for Dance given the 
authority to appoint web stuff? It doesn't jive with what I recall of the 
printed AGED rules or the standard practice in this kingdom for officer 

Just wondering,

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