[Anst-dancers] Change of Ansteorran Dance site...

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Thu Jan 29 20:18:58 PST 2004

I am somewhat confused as well.
When I talked with Mistress Jehanne at Red Tape, she seem to disapprove of 
Kingdom guilds. I assumed we were operating outside her jurisdiction.
Does this mean that AGED is now officially under the wing of the MoAS?

I suppose we'll find out at the Guild meetings.

PS: If you're crashing at my place for Candlemas, please get in touch with 
me :-) I need to know the numbers since I live in an appt.

At 09:05 PM 1/29/2004, you wrote:
>I'm a little confused on something. Is the AGED webpage falling under the 
>deputy for dance/A&S because it is on the ansteorra server and is linked 
>off the Kingdom page? I understand that each section of the ansteorra 
>webpage pertaining to a Great Officer is maintained by that Officer 
>(having just been such myself) and it follows that that responsibility 
>would trickle down to the appropriate deputy; however, since its 
>inception, I have perceived the guiild to be a separate entity from the 
>Kingdom A&S Office since it was a Kingdom Guild. It could, I suppose, fall 
>under the Kingdom A&S Office, but it is still separate, kinda like local 
>groups are their own entities. The Ansteorra Longship Company is 
>technically a Kingdom Guild, hence its ability ot have its own finances.
>So. If AGED is its own entity under the A&S Office, it would have its own 
>Principal, treasurer(if it had its own account) and its own "any other 
>officer" as defined by its own charter. Thus, why have the people who have 
>been administering the site been released and the Deputy for Dance given 
>the authority to appoint web stuff? It doesn't jive with what I recall of 
>the printed AGED rules or the standard practice in this kingdom for 
>officer heirarchy.
>Just wondering,
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