[Anst-dancers] Istanpitta

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Fri Jan 30 19:26:51 PST 2004

So I was on my way to work today, and tuned the radio to KUT/NPR, and heard 
medieval music that sounded like Master Avatar's and Jonathan Brumley's (BG 
music guild leader), and sure enough, the announcer came on and introduced 
Al Cofrin (Avatar).

Apparently they have a concert next friday in Austin, the day before 
Candlemas. It's free!

KUT has a link to Avatar's interview: 

And here's the performance info from Istanpitta's site: 

February 6, 2004
8:00 pm, Performance
Program: Chevrefoil
	University of Texas
	Jessen Recital Hall (within Homer Rainey Hall),
	21st Street,
	Austin, TX

Yay! Music!
    Lowrie -- tickled at hearing Amoroso on the radio.

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