[Anst-dancers] changing bylaws?

Russell Kinder russmax at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 7 22:02:17 PST 2004

That is correct... we do need to decide whether announcements in the 
blackstar are necessary.

Having said that, we still can't vote until April or May, because the 
proposed changes couldn't be advertised until February. Kingdom Dance 
Symposium seems like the perfect time for a vote to take place. Good 
thinking Capricia!

~  Isabeau

On Wednesday, January 7, 2004, at 11:16  PM, Scot and Michelle Henry 

> The time frame and need to decide the proposals are accurate.  The 
> need to
> announce "in the Blackstar" is not actually specified which is one of 
> the
> things we need to clarify.
> With this time frame, we could plan on voting at KDS (a bid for June 
> has
> been put in).
> Capricia

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