[Anst-dancers] More on badge

Evelyn Alden calonkat at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 18:38:17 PST 2004


reduced the picture size some for easier loading and

Added foot, leg and slipper/shoe.  I'm not sure how
much difference heraldicly there is between a slipper
and a shoe :-)  And I can't draw. I got the nice
slipper picture from a site with the proposed badge
for the Meridean Order of the Argent Slipper, given
for teaching dance.  The West has the Order of the
Pied d'Argent, given to winners of the Kingdom dance
competitions. Winners of these competitions are given
a small pendant or pin of a silver dance slipper.

Not my kingdom :-)  but I like the slipper one.  Easy
to identify, looks like dance and pretty easy to draw.
 Also, small gold slippers with a black star would be
a cool thing to wear.


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