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Cool site!  It didn't have a meaning for Triskele, foot, shoe or slipper.
But the peacock feather's meaning is nice.  I also liked the duck, falcon,
and spider for meaning - not that I think those would make a nice dance
For colors, I like that gold means elevation of the mind (as well as
generosity).  That really fits with dance goals.  Black's meaning of
constancy gives us a guild goal for the future, especially as we've already
had our share of grief.  ;-)

Again, thanks Katriana for providing the visuals.  It makes it SO much
easier to see what we like.

Another idea if we go with slippers:  I believe you can easily find metal
gold slippers that could be worn separately on garb (fits with the idea of
other groups awards for dance teachers or dance performers) or sewn onto the

Having a two-color background is not so bad as long as they're joined by a
straight seam.  If we get fancy dags or such then it gets to be more of a


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I have found the following site listing heraldic meanings, which might
help people generate ideas:


~ Isabeau
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