[Anst-dancers] Argent Anniversary Thank You's

Russell and Erika Kinder Russell_Erika at comcast.net
Tue Jul 27 13:40:32 PDT 2004

Hello all,

It's taken some recovery time after Argent to regroup and figure out 
how I feel things went. Everyone I've talked to said the event was 
excellent. Since I was in the hall running the dance activities, I'm 
glad the rest of the event was great. Hopefully, all of you who came 
and danced were pleased with those activities as well.

The dancing went better than I'd hoped, with Thursday and Friday 
exceeding my expectations. On Saturday I was quite pleased that dancing 
happened at all.  All in all, I thought things smashingly. Especially 
since this was not a dance event.

Everything would have fallen flat, and all of my planning ahead of time 
would have been for naught without the help of quite a few people. I've 
only begun saying my thanks, but here is a complete (I hope) list of 
those who have earned my eternal gratitude for their contributions at 
Argent Anniversary.

Thanks to Master Avatar of Catsprey for gracing us with his 
magnificently witty and talented self. I cannot express my appreciation 
for how much he added to the event. He led the musicians during the 
Friday and Saturday night balls, played throughout the day Saturday, 
and taught music to the great delight of the attending musicians.

Thanks also to Abby, Cassandra, HL Llywelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen, Lady 
Emma de Fetherstan, Lord Chandranath Mitra, HL Toinette de Cambrai, 
Mistress Xene Theriane, Lord Morgan Ellisse, Lord Walter Robin, Jeffrey 
Clark, and Terry and Barbara Lee for their musical contributions at the 
event. Most of you played with the pit, some of you taught classes, and 
some of you performed,  but all of you gave us beautiful music.

Thanks to HL Helene Quivremont, Lord Morgan Ellise, Master Ihon Vinson 
macFergus, HL Guillaume de Troyes, and HL Philip White for teaching 
dance classes. Some of them were more well attended than others, but 
each effort was equally appreciated. Thank you for sharing your 
knowledge and skill.

Thanks to HL Ariane Lancaster, Lord Morgan Ellisse, HL Helene 
Quivremont, Sean, Cara, Richard d'Angleterre, Sabine von Wurtemberg, 
Louise, Marguerite, Christopher Patton, and HL Guillaume de Troyes for 
their wonderfully graceful dance performances.

Thanks to HL Helene Quivremont and Sabine for planning and running the 
Cardinals and Courtesans Ball on Thursday night, thanks to Lord Walter 
Robin for running the stereo system, and thanks to all who came and 
danced and had a wonderful time (especially those of you who dressed 
the part).

Thanks to Master Ihon Vinson macFergus for planning and executing the 
Anniversary Ball. Your brilliant idea encouraged many to dance who have 
not in many years. Thank you for our walk down memory lane.

Thanks to HL Ariane Lancaster for helping me to plan the Glorious 
Glorianna Ball. You really came through for me when I was worn out and 
under the weather on Saturday night. Thanks for doing such a great job 
running the ball. You had infinite patience as the ball got pushed 
later and later into the evening, and I am grateful for it.

Thanks to my husband, HL Guillaume de Troyes, for dealing with the 
sideboards for each Ball. We all would have been listless and parched 
without your efforts. And thank you for taking care of me when I felt 
bad, picking up where I left off when I ran out of steam, and in 
general, supporting me throughout the event.

Thanks to my staff: HL Ariane for coordinating the classes, HL 
Guillaume de Troyes for coordinating performances, HL Helene for 
coordinating decorations and ball favors, Lord Morgan Ellisse for 
coordinating the musicians early on, and Master Avatar for coordinating 
the musicians during the last few weeks before and throughout the event.

I cannot say thank you enough to all of you for your contributions to 
dance and music at the event. I set out planning with an ambitious plan 
(and had little hope for seeing my vision come true); thanks to all of 
you for making those plans come to fruition. It couldn't have happened 
without you.

~ HL Isabeau Lallement

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