[Anst-dancers] RE: Argent Anniversary Thank You's

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 12:12:15 PDT 2004

>Thanks also to Abby, Cassandra, HL Llywelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen, Lady
>Emma de Fetherstan, Lord Chandranath Mitra, HL Toinette de Cambrai,
>Mistress Xene Theriane, Lord Morgan Ellisse, Lord Walter Robin, Jeffrey
>Clark, and Terry and Barbara Lee for their musical contributions at the
>event. Most of you played with the pit, some of you taught classes, and
>some of you performed,  but all of you gave us beautiful music.

I'd like to add thanks to Lord Morgan for playing his hammered dulcimer 
during my 'I Lost my Partner' class.  Teaching a class with live musicians 
is not something I get to do very often - so its a lot of fun.  And he was 
very willing to move over and help out when I asked him at the spur of the 
moment.  I think the students really enjoyed it - I know I did.

If you get a chance - try and ask your local musicians to play for one of 
your guild meetings or a class at an event - it can really change the 
experience and the way you teach dance.


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