[Anst-dancers] Dancing at Wiesenfeuer's Baronial

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Fri Jul 23 18:16:36 PDT 2004

Now that 25th Year is out of the way, we are making preparations to 
hold dance classes and a dance ball at Wiesenfeuer Baronial, September 
3rd-6th (Labor Day weekend) at Camp Cimmaron near Coyle, OK.

We would like to know who might be coming up for the event and if so, 
would you prefer the dance ball to be held on Saturday or Sunday? 
Sunday afternoon would be easier for us to schedule, but if a different 
time would get more dancers we can change it. We will try and get live 
musicians to play for the ball, no guarantees. The theme (if any) will 
be announced soon.

We are also going to have some dance classes during the day on Saturday 
and maybe Sunday. If there is anyone interested in teaching please 
contact us. We can arrange to have some of the ball dances to be taught 
at these classes if anyone expresses interest in this. (We will 
probably be doing some Gresley dances and English Country Dances that 
aren't very common yet.)

More details about the ball and classes will be forthcoming. Please let 
us know if you are even considering attending.


Morgan & Ariane

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