[Anst-dancers] Courtly Dancing at Wiesenfeuer

Christi & Dustin Cooper dccooper at cox.net
Sat Jul 31 15:44:08 PDT 2004

Greetings to all,

We are planning to have european dance classes and a dance ball at 
Wiesenfeuer Baronial (September 3rd-5th). We are looking for teachers 
that might want to teach a class on Saturday or Sunday.

Because dance is not very popular in this part of the Kingdom, we are 
going to have classes that will teach the dances that will be done at 
the ball. We also are going to encourage dances that are "new" to the 
region in order to encourage variety.

Here is our schedule for dancing at Wiesenfeuer Baronial so far:
(this only has one teacher so far, the other three teachers have not 
yet announced what they are teaching)

  Saturday in the "Canoe Lodge"
(previously known as the Wolf Lodge):

  1 pm - 2 pm:  New & Different English Country Dances taught by Morgan 
  2 pm - 3 pm:  Gresley Dances (15th c. English) taught by Morgan Ellisse
  3 pm - 4 pm:  Class Needed
  4 pm - 5 pm:  Class Needed

Sunday in the Main Hall:
(by the fire place)

  1 pm - 2 pm:  Class Needed
  2 pm - 3 pm:  Class Needed
  3 pm - 4 pm:  Set up for ball, or whatever.
  4 pm - 6 pm:  The Baronial Ball!

We are working on getting live musicians to play for the Ball, but we 
are preparing for pre-recorded music just in case.

If this interests anyone please e-mail us back privately.

Thank you,

Lord Morgan Ellisse and HL Ariane Lancaster
rendancers at cox.net
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