[Anst-dancers] Voting Ballot

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Wed Jun 23 12:43:23 PDT 2004

For absentee voters, please mark your responses and return the ballot to me
at CSHenry at ev1.net, prefereably by Saturday.  (Do not reply to the list!)If
you want this as a word attachment, please e-mail me directly and I'll send
it to you.

For those who will be at the event on Saturday, I will have plenty of paper
copies available for voting.  I will also have the roster available.  If you
have not yet become a member and wish to, please email me with your contact
info, including your SCA name and group.

In service,


Changes to By-Laws:
	Section 1:  Proctor’s Duties, Etc.
		1.1.8  To use the guidelines in the Proctor Handbook to assist in
governing the guild.
			_____  Accept
			_____  Deny

	Section 2:  Recognition of Teaching Excellence
		_____  Maintain Section 2 as written.  (Keep levels.)
		_____  Eliminate Section 2.  (No levels.)
		_____  Modify Section 2.  (Change levels.)  *Please list ideas on the
back of this page.  										If you have no
										ideas, do not choose 										this option.

	Section 3:  Regalia (See attached sheet (or link below if on line) for
		3.1  Badge  (Please rank top 3 choices)
		_____  Single gold dancetty (zigzag) on black.
		_____  Single dancetty counterchanged, black and gold.
		_____  Gold Shoe on black.
		_____  Gold triskele (3 legs) on black.
		_____  Gold feather on black.

		_____  Add chief of allegiance (Black Star) to above.
		_____  Keep chief of allegiance optional for individuals.

3.2	Insignia (new)
The insignia of the guild will be:
	_____  an armband of black dancetty (stripes) on gold
	_____  “Charm” of shoe or triskele
	_____  No insignia is needed, the badge is enough.

3.3	Wearing insignia  (Wording not in brackets[] is current 3.2)
Any [a.  active] member of A.G.E.D. may wear the badge [b.  or insignia] to
signify their membership in their guild.  [c.  If a member becomes inactive,
it is requested that he or she not wear the guild regalia during the period
of inactivity.]
	_____  Add all new phrases.
	_____ Add only phrases  ________________.
	_____  Make no changes.

Section 4 :  Finances (new)
4.1	Any monies belonging to A.G.E.D. will be maintained in a
kingdom-designated fund.
______  Accept
______  Deny

4.2	A yearly budget will be submitted to the kingdom financial committee and
published.  (*This is required by kingdom if we do kingdom-designated funds,
but should we include the wording?)
_______  Accept
______  Deny

		4.3 	 The guild’s financial committee shall consist of:  (Check all
         that apply.)
				_____  The current guild proctor
				_____  the previous guild proctor (or his/her designee)
				_____  the kingdom A&S Minister or his/her designee
				_____  a guild member designated by the proctor
				_____  a guild member chosen by the guild

4.4 	Individual expenses not included in the budget will be
approved by a simple majority of the active guild members using the most
convenient means possible (e-mail, mail, meeting) within a time frame set by
the guild’s (financial committee) (proctor).
______  Accept
______  Deny

Non-By-Law Votes

Change of Kingdom Dance name.  (This will necessitate a change in Kingdom
law, thus will need Crown approval).  Current name is Kingdom Dance.
(Please rank top 3 choices.)

	______  No change.
	______  Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium
	______  Chiara Stella  (Bright Star)
	______  Tutti Venite e Ballete  (Y’all come and dance)
	______  Stella Chiomata  (Blazing Star)

	______  HL Isabeau  Lallement
	______  Lady Melissent d’Aulnay the Capricious  (Capricia)
	______  HL Myfanwy ferch Eifion

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