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This past weekend The Canton of Lindenwood hosted a great Kingdom Dance and 
Music Symposium for Ansteorra.  Now, we can offer you the proceedings and 
compact disk we had available at the event. These prices are to help us 
recoup funds spent on the event.

Ansteorran Kingdom Dance and Music 2004 Symposium Proceedings:  $2

This contains handouts from many of the classes taught this weekend as well 
as contact information to reach all of the instructors. It also contains 
contact information on all of the artists who donated tracks to the CD. 
Thanks to Honorable Lady Elin for organizing this project.

Ansteorran Kingdom Dance and Music 2004 Compact Disk: $3

This CD contains tracks, most danceable with a few for listening, which have 
been donated by SCA musicians from all over the Known World.  This project 
was an attempt to produce a compellation CD to make dance music cheaply 
available while introducing dancers to artists they could contact for their 
full works. We really appreciate the time, effort, and music tracks these 
artists donated to help make this project a success. Thanks to Lady Lowrie 
for organizing project.

Specific information for the Proceedings and CD follows below.  Contact me 
off list to make arrangements to receive a copy of the Symposium Proceedings 
and/or the Compact Disk.  I will be at Ansteorran Argent Aniversery 
(AAA/25th Year Celebration) if you'd like to pick up a copy then.  Please 
let me know before hand if you are interested.

Your Servant to Command,
Philip White (philipwhite at hotmail.com)

Ansteorran Kingdom Dance and Music 2004 Symposium Proceedings:

Branles for Couples : Madame Perronnelle Charrette
Mixed Branle Suite – Arbeau : Lord Andrew of Theodford and Lady Racheal 
Gresley Dances: Antonello del Ballo
15th Century Dances: Marchesana and Belreguardo: Lowrie Leulyn
Maiden Dances: Honorable Lady Myfanwy ferch Eifion
The More, The Merrier:ECD for “As Many As Will”: Lady Melissant d’Aulnay the 
Capricious (Capricia)
Whirligig: Madame Perronnelle Charrette
Bella Gioiosa, or Jousting Anyone?: Alina of Foxwood
La Caccia d’Amore (The Chase of Love): Russell Kinder
Stella d’Argenta: Philip White
Two 16th C. Italian Cascarde: Alina of Foxwood

Ansteorran Kingdom Dance and Music 2004 Compact Disk:

Dustin Cooper:
    01-Amoroso 3:14
    02-Ayazein 3:30
Bryn Gwlad Music Guild:
    03-Daniells Almayne 1:25
    04-Captain Digory Piper His Galliard 1:47
    05-Fanfare 3 0:24
    06-The Lord Souches Masque 0:39
    07-The Choice 1:49
    08-Flow my Tears 1:27
    09-Grimstock 2:05
The Dragon Scale Consort:
    10-Bizzaria d’Amore 3:36
    11-Black Nag 2:38
Musica Subterranea:
    12-Argeers 2:02
    13-Bella Gioiosa 2:35
    14-Maiden Lane 1:41
    15-Voltati in Ca Rosina 1:58
    16-Whirligig (long) 4:33
Warwick Consort:
    17-La Castellana 1:46
    18-Laccio d’Amore 1:37
    19-Rustic Pavane 2:06
Heather Dale:
    20-La Vita di Cholina 1:21
    21-Rufty Tufty 1 :35

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