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Mon Jun 28 14:39:52 PDT 2004

Greetings All!

We’d like to thank our staff and volunteers – as well as all the hard 
working teachers – that made Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium with 
Lindenwood’s Midsummer’s Ball such a great and fun event.

Lady Melissent d'Aulnay the Capricious organized or class schedule.  
Honorable Lady Elin the Timid organized the proceedings for the symposium. 
Lady Lowrie Leulyn organized a compact disk collection of music. Honorable 
Lady Amalia crafted some wonderful site tokens. Honorable Lady Suzanna the 
Herbalist crafted rings to gift our teachers with.

Honorable Lady Alina of Foxwood, European Dance Mistress from the Barony of 
Cynnabar, Middle Kingdom was our guest instructor and we were very lucky to 
have her talents.  Our other teachers included: Geoffrey, Lorenzo, Barbara, 
Guillaume, Perronelle, Myfanwy, Helene, Rachael and Andrew, Ihon, Lowry, 
Jocelyn, Antonello, Capricia, Willow, and Toryn.

Honorable Lady Monica de la Cueva taught the mask making class and decorated 
the sideboard for us. Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir managed an awesome 
sideboard. And, Her Excellency Steppes Baroness Valeria Richila Navarro 
organized period gaming. And Duchess Willow de Wisp created some magnificent 
banners to help with the theme.

Honorable Lord Gerald of Leesville managed the musicians for the ball – all 
who had an excellent time.  Musicians included Geoffrey, Lorenzo, Barbara, 
William, Rebekah, and Neassa.

Ker Megan of Taransay, Caelin on Andre, and Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird opened up 
their homes for travelers – it was very generous of them.

Other helpers included (but not limited too): Hans, Aldrea, Aimiliona, 
Roger, Agilwulf, Deanna, Jodi, John, Jocelyn, Alasdair, Daniel, Anne, Jacki, 
Aurelia, John, Catalina, Osana, and Katherine.

We were glad to have in attendance King Miguel de Oporto and Queen Conal 
Alexandria O'Riordain with Princess Sibri de Aldebourne and Baron Mahdi 
Jamal ibn Hakim and Baroness Valeria Richila Navarro. Thank you for 
supporting Lindenwood and dance.

Thank you all for helping us with these events!

HL Philip White &
HL Margarite McBridin

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