[Anst-dancers] Draft Schedule for Kingdom Dance and Music

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Tue Jun 1 11:15:08 PDT 2004

This is the tentative schedule.  If you have any serious concerns about your
time, please let me know.  Serious concerns do not include, "But I really
wanted to take ___________".  They do include, "I'm flying/driving across
country and can't get there until  ______" and "I couldn't possibly teach
those 2 classes back to back".

Many of you still need to send handouts and bios.  I'll be contacting you
personally about these.

Track 1:
9-10  Improvisational Renaissance Dance:  Pavans and Galliards  (Guillaume)
10-11  Bella Gioiosa, or Jousting Anyone?  (Alina)
11-12  Two Cascarde:  Fiamma d'Amore and La Castellana  (Alina)
12-1:30  Lunch (AGED Meeting)
1:30-2:30  ? (Perronelle)
2:30-3:30  La Caccia d'Amore  (Guillaume)
3:30-4:30  Maiden Dances (ECD) (Myfanwy)
4:30 - 5:30  AAA Performances  ????

Track 2:
9-10  ?  (Helene)
10-11  Basic Pavans and Almans  ?  (Rachael and Andrew)
11-12  Fans  (Gerita)
12-1:30  Lunch  (AGED Meeting)
1:30-2:30  The New, Iproved Prendente in Giro  (Ihon)
2:30-3:30  Mixed Bransle Suite  (Rachael and Andrew)
3:30-4:30  Marchesana and Belreguardo  (Lowry)
4:30-5:30  AAA Performances  ????

Track 3:
9-10  Beginning Italian:  Amoroso, Petit Vriens, Anello  (Jocelyn/Kat)
10-11  Gresley Dances:  Lebens, Pernes en Gre, Estampie 5 ?  (Antonello)
11-12  15th Century Italian Dances:  Leoncello and Belfiore  (Jocelyn/Kat)
1:30-2:30  Lady Cullen (ECD) (Melissent (Capricia))
2:30-3:30  Stella d'Argenta  (Philip)
3:30-5:00  Mask Making  (Monica)

Track 4 (Middle Eastern):
9-10  OPEN  (I'm looking to fill these ASAP)
10-11  Dancing Around the Fire (Toryn)
11-12  OPEN
12-1:30  Lunch (AGED Meeting)
1:30-2:30  Saudi Women's Dance  (Willow)
2:30-3:30  Belly Dancing Props and How to Use Them  (Toryn)
3:30-4:30  History of Dance:  Ancient and Modern  (Willow)

Track 5 (Musicians):

In service,
Michelle (Capricia)

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