[Anst-dancers] Midsummer's Ball List

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 11:51:33 PDT 2004

Greetings -

This is a tentative schedule for what will be at the ball this weekend for 
Midsummer's Masque.  It includes which dance will be taught (have a run 
through) and which ones will be just danced.  Please look over your dances 
and make yourself ready.  :-)

You can look here for instructions to some of the dances:

This is only a tentative list and may change to accommodate more what is 
taught at the event this weekend.

Your Servant to Command,
~Philip White

Ball List

Set One

1.  Gathering Peascods                                     (taught)

2.  Le Bens                                                                  

3.  If all the World Were Paper                         (taught)

4.  Petit Riens                                                              

5.  Contoposso in Due                                                  

6.  Amoroso                                                                 

7.  Il Piantone                                                              

Set Two

1.  Graaca Amaroso                                                     (not 

2.  Bransle Suite (Double, Pinagay, Charlotte)   (taught)

3.  Black Alman                                                            

4.  Heralds in Love                                                       

5.  Anello                                                                   

6.  Whirligig                                                                

7.  Casulle la Nòuele                                                     
(not taught)

Set Three

1.  Bizzarria d’Amore                                                   (not 

2.  Earl of Salisbury Pavan and Galliard             (taught)

3.  New Exchange                                                        

4.  Rostiboli Gioioso                                                     

5.  Newcastle                                                   (not taught)

6.  Lo Sangnoletto                                                        
(not taught)

7.  Quen Quer Que                                                       


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