[Anst-dancers] First Interregional Dance Practice

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Sun Mar 7 19:29:34 PST 2004

Way to go Myfanwy, Pug and Lowrie!!!
Yesterday's Interregional dance practice was a huge success and a ton of
fun!  We had 5 dance teachers plus three other people throughout the day.
We worked on a new Italian choreography, discussed dance reconstruction,
helped two teachers with dance classes and dances they are working on,
practiced some canario variations and had a great time socializing and
eating yummy fajitas and chocolate pie.  For our first attempt, I think this
was fabulous.  I personally had a wonderful and relaxing time.  Thanks again
for hosting.

I know other people have had ideas for hosting a dance get together, so
please feel free to let me know where, when, and what the theme is.

In service,

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