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Sounds great!  Could you please rank these according to your preference just
in case I can't fit all 3 classes in?  (If it were me, the more advanced two
sound more interesting.)
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  Sorry for not getting back to you....I was not sure how much time I could
commit to the event...it now looks like I will be able to attend the whole
time.  I can offer 3 middleeastern dance classes: 1)  beginning belly
dancing for the true beginner (a _real_ intro course into what the style is
and how not to look stupid doing it) 2) Dancing around the Fire (dancing for
your SCA audience...an intermedieate course) and 3)  Belly dancing props and
how to use them correctly (zills, veil, swords, fire and not not to bruise,
trip, punture or burn yourself...a more advanced course)
  Sorry I'm late....


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  Greetings all,
  Class slots are definitely filling up  - thanks to all who have responded.
  Since very few have sent bio. info, photos or handouts, Elin and I are
  extending the deadline for this information until the end of May.  Please
  send these along asap!

  Here is the potential list of all who have said they'll teach and the
  dances/styles that will be covered.  If you see a gap you'd like to fill,
  please let me know soon.

  Dance-related classes:
  Monica - mask construction
  Gerita - fan construction  (to be confirmed)

  European Dance:
  Racheal and Andrew - basic pavans and almans
  Perronelle - Bransles (specifics forthcoming)
  Racheal and Andrew - Mixed Bransle Suite (Cassandra, Pinagay, Charlotte,
  War, Aridan)
  Tahira - bassadanza (specifics forthcoming)
  Brigitte - 15th century italian:  amoroso, anello, petit vriens
  Lowrie - Marchesana/Belreguardo
  Alina - Bella Gioisa (to be confirmed)
  Alina - 2 16th C. Cascarde - Fiamma d'Amore and La Castellana (to be
  Guillaume - La Caccia d'Amore
  Philip - Stella d'Argenta
  Ihon - New and Improved Prendente in Giro
  Capricia - Lady Cullen and ? (some other ECD)

  Middle Eastern Dance:
  Willow - Saudi Dance
  Willow - History of Dance (to be confirmed)
  Tahira - Dabke (to be confirmed)

  Terry Lee - ?

  I also have Helene, Guillaume, and Brigitte as wanting to do a/another

  In service to dance,

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