[Anst-dancers] Wiesenfeuer's Baronial Ball

Ariane & Morgan rendancers at cox.net
Wed Sep 8 21:42:48 PDT 2004

We would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful people that came 
and participated in our dance classes and danced at our Baronial Ball 
at Wiesenfeuer this last weekend.

A special thank you to our teachers, H.L. Perronnelle from Stargate, 
and H.L. Guillaume and H.L. Isabeau from Steppes, who came all the way 
up here to enrich our region with their knowledge and skills in 

We also greatly enjoyed dancing and visiting with everyone else who 
traveled from the Steppes area and from Stargate to our humble event 
just for dancing. Thank you so much for attending! You are the ones who 
really made the dancing great!

A huge thank you to our local band "Waites and Measures" who blessed 
the dance ball with their beautiful music that included a wonderful 
combination of woodwinds, strings, keyboard, drums, lute, guitar and 
voices (half of the instruments period replicas). It is so humbling to 
have a band as talented as they are play for our dancing. We truly 
appreciate the effort they went through for us. Live music is really 

We will let everyone know when we have photos from the ball up on our 
web site (we only used half of our roll of film, so it may take a week 
or two). Thank you again to everyone for making this happen. We really 
hope you all enjoyed yourselves up here!

Cheers and Vivat Dancing!

Ld. Morgan and H.L. Ariane

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